kategoria wpisów dotyczących zajęć z języka angielskiego

Język angielski Kotki

Październik: I like fruit and vegetables/ What a mess


-Hello/Goodbye song,

-What?s your name?/ How are you? Songs

-doll/car/teddy bear/sad/happy/what colour is it?/What a mess song/colours/ Let?s clean up/

-story time 1,2,  worksheets from 1-12

-I like fruit/vegetables apple/plum/pear/onion/carrot/tomato. I like/ I don?t like

-yummy, yummy song

-let?s count to 6

-birthday party/dog/cat

-Mummy, Daddy/I love You/

-verbs: kiss me/hug me/walk/run/jump/sleep/eat/drink

-wyprawka karta 1,2


Listopad: In my House


-the house puzzle

-verbs: sleep/watch Tv/ show me/ Where is…?

-kitchen/ bathroom/ bedroom/ living room

-what sound is it?

– In my house song

-worksheets from 12-17

-Tv/computer/oven/fridge/table/chairs/bed/light/lamp/turn it on/off

-I like running/ jumping/hide and seek/play pirates/computer games/

-Story Time 3

-wyprawka karta 3-4



Grudzień: Winter is Fun/ Winter is magic!


-I?m cold/ put on-take off/ hat/scarf/coat/gloves/head/neck/tummy/hands/snowman/gift/robot/snowball/book/star/it?s cold

-The winter games song

-worksheets from 18-22

-Story time 4

-The winter night song/ the winter games song

-Fluffy says games?

-How many…?/ Let?s count

-Decorate the Christmas tree

-Wyprawka karta 5


Styczeń: Head and shoulders.



-Head and shoulders Chant

-worksheets from 22-25

-Story Time 5

-move your body/nod your head/bend your knees/stretch up high

-Robo the robot moves song

-wyprawka karta 6

-a poem for grandparents

Język angielski Skrzaty i Misie

Październik: Hello/Goodbye


-Hello song/Goodbye song

–classroom language: sit down/stand up/make a circle/hold your hands/jump/hop/touch/point to/find/look/please, be quiet/

-Hello I?m Molly?/

-Zabawy z flashcardami (loud-quiet/what is missing?/flashcards train)

-let?s count to 5


-Warming up songs: walking song/ walk around the circle song

-Colours song (blue/ red /yellow/green)

-I?m hungry/thirsty/sleepy

-The sleepy cat goes snore snore snore song

-I?m a little kitten song

-touch your eyes song

-story 1


Listopad: Food-Are you hungry or thirsty?


-We are happy/hungry/tired song

-pizza/broccoli/ice cream/French fries/spaghetti/ bananas/ apple /biscuits/popcorn/water/donuts/juice/melon/soup/I?m full/Do you like??/Yes, I do./ No, I don?t     yummy/yucky


-uh, ah song

-Hello, I?m Kenny/Molly/Billy

-clean up song/tidy up song

-Kenny says game

-silent/loud games

-my body:

-two little eyes song (eyes/nose/ ears /mouth)

-touch your eyes song

-Go away song (scary witch/black cat/big green monster/white ghost)


Grudzień: Christmas is coming!/ toys for us

-open ?shut song (opposites verbs and adjectives)

-white beard/ red hat/ twinkle in his eye

-SANTA song

-Christmas (Christmas tree/presents/carol/little star)

-What do you want for Christmas songs

– I want a: robot/train/rocket/teddy bear/jojo/ bike /jump rope/ball

– a bike to ride/ a jojo to spin/ a jump rope to jump/a ball to bounce

– a great big rocket/robot?

-let?s play with the car/train/bike song

-warming up song ?Pinocchio dance


Styczeń: My body


-Where?s my teddy/doll song

-teddy bear/doll/ball/teddy bear/building blocks/yoyo/train/car etc

-Story time 2


-Finger Family song

-Where are you? Here I am?/ How do You do?

– Can You wash your hair/ face/feet/knees/toes/shoulders/hands/nose

-Bath song

-One little finger song


-Head and shoulders song

Język angielski w grupach: Kotki i Biedronki :)

Język angielski w grudniu był związany z tematyką Świąteczną. Zajęcia dotyczyły Świętego Mikołaja, jego ubioru oraz prezentów które można otrzymać pod choinkę. Przywitaliśmy także renifera, bałwana!

Ukochana piosenka dzieci wykonywana na różne sposoby:


Red hat, white beard, twinkle in his eye! Santa is his nameo!

S-A-N-T-A and Santa is his nameo!

*-A-N-T-A and Santa is his nameo!

*-*-N-T-A and Santa is his nameo!

*-*-*-T-A and Santa is his nameo!

*-*-*-*-A and Santa is his nameo!

*-*-*-*-* and Santa is his nameo!


What do you want for Christmas/3 What do you want for Christmas Santa is on his way!

I want a train- a great, big train!

I want a robot/rocket/teddy bear!


a bike to ride/a yo-yo to spin/a jump rope to jump/ a ball to bounce!

What do you want for Christmas/3 What do you want for Christmas Santa is on his way!

I want a bike/3 I want a bike to ride!

I want a yo-yo to spin!

I want a ball to bounce!

I want a jump rope to jump!


Hello Snowman! Hello Santa! Hello reindeer! Hello everyone!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Merry Christmas everyone let’s sing it once again!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Dziękuje za wspólną zabawę, Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!




Język angielski w grupach Kotki i Biedronki :)

W miesiącu Listopad omawialiśmy tematykę związaną  z „My Body”. Poznaliśmy następujące piosenki i wyliczanki:

-tummy, mouth

I’ m a little kitten small and round,

here is my tummy, here is my mouth.

When i’m very hungry hear me shout- miaow!



Touch your eyes then clap your hands/ Touch your ears then clap your hands/Touch your mouth then clap your hands!

eyes to look/ears to hear/nose to smell/mouth to taste

Two little eyes to look around,

two little ears to hear each sound,

one little nose to smell what’s sweet,

one little mouth that likes to eat.


One little finger-tap/tap/tap:

Point your finger up/down

put your finger on your head/nose/chin/arm/leg/foot.



Head and shoulders, knees and toes/3

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose/3

Mouth and nose-yes!



Taking a bath!

Can you wash your hair? I can wash my hair….   feet/face/knees

I can wash my hair/feet/face/knees. This is the way we take a bath.

Can you wash your shoulders? I can wash my shoulders….  toes/hands/nose

I can wash my shoulders/toes/hands/nose. This is the way we take a bath.



Everybody in/out, turn around and shout!

Everybody ready here we go! Let’s do the Pinocchio!

Right arm/left arm/right leg/left leg/ chin up/ turn around/ sit down.


I tak Andrzejkowo:

Go away Big green Monster/ scary witch/ black cat/ white dog! Go away!

Uh, ah- yes and no!!!