Język angielski Kotki

Październik: I like fruit and vegetables/ What a mess


-Hello/Goodbye song,

-What?s your name?/ How are you? Songs

-doll/car/teddy bear/sad/happy/what colour is it?/What a mess song/colours/ Let?s clean up/

-story time 1,2,  worksheets from 1-12

-I like fruit/vegetables apple/plum/pear/onion/carrot/tomato. I like/ I don?t like

-yummy, yummy song

-let?s count to 6

-birthday party/dog/cat

-Mummy, Daddy/I love You/

-verbs: kiss me/hug me/walk/run/jump/sleep/eat/drink

-wyprawka karta 1,2


Listopad: In my House


-the house puzzle

-verbs: sleep/watch Tv/ show me/ Where is…?

-kitchen/ bathroom/ bedroom/ living room

-what sound is it?

– In my house song

-worksheets from 12-17

-Tv/computer/oven/fridge/table/chairs/bed/light/lamp/turn it on/off

-I like running/ jumping/hide and seek/play pirates/computer games/

-Story Time 3

-wyprawka karta 3-4



Grudzień: Winter is Fun/ Winter is magic!


-I?m cold/ put on-take off/ hat/scarf/coat/gloves/head/neck/tummy/hands/snowman/gift/robot/snowball/book/star/it?s cold

-The winter games song

-worksheets from 18-22

-Story time 4

-The winter night song/ the winter games song

-Fluffy says games?

-How many…?/ Let?s count

-Decorate the Christmas tree

-Wyprawka karta 5


Styczeń: Head and shoulders.



-Head and shoulders Chant

-worksheets from 22-25

-Story Time 5

-move your body/nod your head/bend your knees/stretch up high

-Robo the robot moves song

-wyprawka karta 6

-a poem for grandparents