Język angielski Skrzaty i Misie

Październik: Hello/Goodbye


-Hello song/Goodbye song

–classroom language: sit down/stand up/make a circle/hold your hands/jump/hop/touch/point to/find/look/please, be quiet/

-Hello I?m Molly?/

-Zabawy z flashcardami (loud-quiet/what is missing?/flashcards train)

-let?s count to 5


-Warming up songs: walking song/ walk around the circle song

-Colours song (blue/ red /yellow/green)

-I?m hungry/thirsty/sleepy

-The sleepy cat goes snore snore snore song

-I?m a little kitten song

-touch your eyes song

-story 1


Listopad: Food-Are you hungry or thirsty?


-We are happy/hungry/tired song

-pizza/broccoli/ice cream/French fries/spaghetti/ bananas/ apple /biscuits/popcorn/water/donuts/juice/melon/soup/I?m full/Do you like??/Yes, I do./ No, I don?t     yummy/yucky


-uh, ah song

-Hello, I?m Kenny/Molly/Billy

-clean up song/tidy up song

-Kenny says game

-silent/loud games

-my body:

-two little eyes song (eyes/nose/ ears /mouth)

-touch your eyes song

-Go away song (scary witch/black cat/big green monster/white ghost)


Grudzień: Christmas is coming!/ toys for us

-open ?shut song (opposites verbs and adjectives)

-white beard/ red hat/ twinkle in his eye

-SANTA song

-Christmas (Christmas tree/presents/carol/little star)

-What do you want for Christmas songs

– I want a: robot/train/rocket/teddy bear/jojo/ bike /jump rope/ball

– a bike to ride/ a jojo to spin/ a jump rope to jump/a ball to bounce

– a great big rocket/robot?

-let?s play with the car/train/bike song

-warming up song ?Pinocchio dance


Styczeń: My body


-Where?s my teddy/doll song

-teddy bear/doll/ball/teddy bear/building blocks/yoyo/train/car etc

-Story time 2


-Finger Family song

-Where are you? Here I am?/ How do You do?

– Can You wash your hair/ face/feet/knees/toes/shoulders/hands/nose

-Bath song

-One little finger song


-Head and shoulders song