Ana Maria


My name is Ana. I’m 18 years old and I just finish my high school. I love the sport, specially, the volleyball. I’m very keen on children. When I was little I created my own kindergarten with my toys and now I’m living my own dream in a real kindergarten.

I love dance. I dance sevillanas, zumba, pasodobles and „jotas”.

Jotas is the typical dance in my country and I’m in a flokore group in my village. I would like to teach my children to dande as much as posible.

The most gratifying for me is when my children come to me to hold me with his happiness faces.

I’m very happy to be here and to be living this experience. :)

Sorry but… Nie mówię po polsku.



On 20th of February my family came to Krakow to visit me and they came to see our kindergarten.

We made a performance to show them that they are almost spanish children ;)).



On 28 of February was Andalucia’s day and I decided to celebrate it like in my village.

We could dance „sevillanas”, to eat the typical food in my country (omelette) and to show to our kindergarten the activities that we know like different kind of songs, dances and of course, his good spanish vocabulary.



I’m lucky to be working here. When I think I only have three and a half months more I want to enjoy everything as much as possible.

Here we can see we are a good team! :)

After few months, I decided to create with them a beautiful spring tree.

They are the birds in this tree and they are writting their names and drawing something they like.

With this I want to show they will leave the kindergarten soon, so „sloneczka” will start to fly.