Anna H.

Cześć! Mam na imię Anna , mam osiemnaście lat i jestem z Niemiec.

This was almost everything, that I could say in Polish when I came here . In the first week i spent my time in the kindergarten trying to understand what the children want to say me, learning and watching.

Now, that I have been here for almost 2 month and have improved my Polish a lot, I try to give something back – I started to teach the children some basic German, I learn with them a German Christmas Song and I play and dance with them, trying to remember the dances and games of my childhood. Also I do a lot of creative work, like decorating the room for different shows.Zahlen lernen / uczyć się liczyć po niemieckuDeutsch / język niemiecki  Jesienne świat  Obstsalat / sałata owocowa

It is amazing to see, how the children get used to me and to see their happy faces in the morning, when they tell me in a loud voice: Guten Morgen!