!Buenos días!

My name is Gonzalo and I’m From Santander(North of Spain).Im a volunteer in this kindergarten  from EVS and im collaborating with the group „Misie”.


Every day is diferent and i usually do Basic spanish games and lessons that the children really like.Also,im like a student or children because im learning some polish words from my teachers and from the children.


I always try to take care of them and support them if they need it.i really appreciate when they try to spell and to say spanish words that is very satisfactory for me.


From Time to time im trying to understand their skills,habilities,language to have in the future a good relation and good comunication not only with the children,but also with the people who work in the kindergarten to get a good time and experience together.


Im fortunate to have a really nice teachers(who speak very well english and coordinate among themselves pretty good)who help me and tell me what i have to do,so im learning every day new things about education,polish culture,polish language etc..