Jorge Doncel G.

I’ve been here for only a few months but the time pass very fast. It has been a short time but very intense.
At Christmas, I was able to teach the children two typical Spanish carols (Campana sobre campana and Feliz Navidad). It was very nice to hear them sing and the desire they put to learn them (still remember today)
In mid-January, two friends from Spain came to visit me in Krakow. They visited the Kindergarten and they taught the children to dance the song of ‚Sofia’. The children enjoyed this experience a lot.
I still have half the volunteers here and I am very excited about the nextmonths. I want to continue teaching them Spanish words and continue to enjoy this experience!

Hello my name is Jorge and I am from Madrid (Spain). Since October I am doing my EVS in this Kindergarten. There are not two similar days and every day the children surprises you with something new. I do many activities with them and I want that they learn some things about the country where I was born (words, constumbres, songs) I want to promote their interest in traveling and to know other cultures. It is very gratifying to observe their interest and see that little by little they are learning words in Spanish. But not only do children learn. I am learning from them and they also try to make me understand their language too. Moreover, I am very lucky can work with 3 other wonderful volunteers who help me and do a very good job here.