Carneval is an amazing time for the children. Everybody was excited. This time the parents organized the party and he whole programme. We also prepared something for the children. I prepared a dance from germany which is typically sung in this time.



So in the morning of the carneval party. Everybody came with their costumes and the whole kindergarten was like the house of bees.



I went as a native amarican girl. We danced and sung a lot. Finally my song came and i danced in front of the whole kindergarten. It was a very nice time and a great and succesful party.


Cristmas time


For crismas the kindergarten turned into a very busy house. Every group prepared their cristmas presentation and the children invent new decoration. Like the biedronki group. For Santa-Clause day, I introduced them to the special tradition in germany. I explained them that we prepare special socks made out of wol, before the Santa-Clause day.


We are putting it in front of our closed doors, that Santa-Clause can fill it with sweets and fruits. If the chidlren who put the sock, were good children in the past year, they get a lot of sweets, nuts and other things.


If nor they get nothing and have to promise to behave better in the following year. So I explained them this tradition. Together we made such a sock in the afternoon. We didn’t make it with wol, but with normal paper and decorated it.



For the crismas presentation i taught them a traditional and very famous german song. They were very good in singing and everything on the epresentation-day went well.


The structure of our kindergarten


When we arrive at 9 at the kindergarten, we are kindly greeted by the children, they are coming to us, we get a hug and additinally the latest news of the day :) Afterwards usually the teacher introduces the issue of the day. In the last time most themes were about pollution of air, water and earth, segregation of trash and how to behave in a correct way to protect our planet. The children get a specific task due to the theme and have time to prepare it. When they finished the teacher corrects everything and they get time for themnselves, to play, to draw or just sit around.


After this period they we get our time to make something with them, like introduce a new dance, a song or new vocabulry in our languages. We finish this with games taught by us. One of the favourite games is ?ziemiaki gorąnce?. They are sitting in a circle witha ball. This ball is the ?hot potatoe? and as soon as someone get this potatoe he/she has to say a word in german as fast as posssible. It’s an easy way to repeat all the vocabulry with fun.


Every child needs fresh air and movement and normally evryday (except the weather is bad) we are going outside with the children to the garden. They can run and scream and just be themselves.


After dinner there is time to rest: The teacher is reading a story and the children can relaxe and dream a bit. It depends on the day of the week, but the afternoon programme is filled either with english lessons, dance practising and a visit of a church member. When the children are not busy with that, we have time to continue the tasks of the morning, just play with them or invent new things.