Lucia R. i David H.

Lucía Trivi?o

I am very fortunate to be able to do my EVS in this kindergarten, every morning „my teddy” greet me with a smile or a hug. During the day to day I make some activities with children ( songs, dances,psychomotor games…) most of them do in my native language, Spanish. I also helped teachers with some daily activities. During my EVS I will do an environmental project that through play activities the children know the importance of recycling and learn what benefits we can get. Soon also we have the „Earth Day” very important day in our kindergarten. For this Day David and me will prepare a presentation about the same thematically in Spain.Unfortunately the of this wonderful time is coming, as final party I make a Spanish party, focusing on my autonomous community, Andalucía. The week before the party, I will make typical activities with children to explain my culture, customs And traditions.



David Hernandez

Hello, my name is David I am Spanish province of Asturias I ye come to volunteer in a day care center in Poland, which is much better than I had imagined in my house in Spain, in my nursery treat me at home, safe me and care about me when they should not do that … they treat me like one more …. that makes me feel very well as far from my home I miss many things missing but when you know you have to wake up early and have trouble getting out of bed but you know you go to the nursery is not any work and that will be something different with children and teachers and gives you energies every morning of the year, working with children is a daily adventure, do not know what you can say and do, come a sad day to day care listless and see the smile one of your children and think …. I have to live like one of them without any problems or concerns and rejoice a little sad these days.