Maria Rosa

Spring tree
Paper bunny:)

How we can organize our own city for the respect of the environment.
You can use one big or small paper and start to colors it like a city, with the parks or whatever you want. Then if you have some plastics bottle or tetra pak you can colors and make it like a building, restaurant, house ecc ecc. Then you can put these on the paper where you have drawn the city, in this way you will have your own city :).


I’m Maria Rosa Esposito, I come from Italy, Mercogliano, near Naples, I have 27 years old. I have chosen to do this project after my master’s degree in sociology and criminology.
I have chosen my class: the tigers , where I have taught for the moment; italian numbers, colors, and some commun words, and italian dance, and them of course have tought me a lot of words in polish and some polish dance :)

My project is also create some workshop about the creative ricycle. They are the future and I want that for them the future will be full of colors.