Hello, my name is Mehmet, I am from Turkey, i will be volunteering in kindergarten 83 for 9 months with kids from class Sloneczka. My basic task is to teach kids Turkish language, my culture and help the teacher with activities. I also teach them choreogrpahies, basic dances for the kids. Since i have six nephews and nieces, i tought it would be great working kids, that was one of the reasons i wanted to work witk kids and it came out even better, i am so glad about it.





It has been three months already and these kids are already surprising me in every way. They are so smart, they learn Turkish quicker than i learn Polish. They have full of energy, so even if i am having a tiring morning they can just wake me up with their full of energy and smiles. Kids also have a huge heart, they always welcome me and share their love which is the greatest thing in this world to have a place in kids’s heart.





And the best way for me to learn Polish and Polish culture, it starts with the kids. They are good teachers as they are good students.