Milenko N.

Hello there , long time no hear :)
Its been short seven months in Poland and in Przedszkole Samorządowe Nr 83.In the past time a lot of stuffs happened,among all we finished  „Seminarium Integracyjny” that was sometimes frustrating us,but in the end everything was perfect.Among other stuffs we had a lot of manifestations in our kindergarden.Also what is worth of mentioning is that in the begining of April we had one guest volounteer in our kindergarden from Bialystok as we did the Evs exchange.Firstly i spend one working week in Bialystok working with him after which he came to Krakow.Nevertheless what was also a landmark in mine past couple of months is for sure traveling , as I visited a lot of cities in Poland and outside of Poland.To mention also that I went for couple of days to visit mine family in Serbia and Bosnia after which i set mine foot on Hungarian soil and spend there 5 days with mine girlfriend.Also on 28th of April we are going for a big trip Wieden-Zagreb-Zadar-Bratislava and back to Krakow.Whatsoever in the future we plan to do a lot more stuffs in kindergarden as Parents day,Day of Bosnian food,etc.Worth mentioning at the begining of Jun we will do a theatre performance with kids and their parents ,theme of the performance is Snow white. Even if we have only two more months left here we have a lot more stuffs to do and new experinces to get.
So what more to say then to stay tuned :D

In a while crocodile

Welcome once again :D

Maybe you missed me , but have no fear Im here.Time is passing very fast so here we are 4 months into a project and 4 months as we work in the kindergarten.Behind us we have a lot of activities as Christmas,Andrzejki,Parents day,Grandparents day,etc, but the biggest one is still before us „Seminarium Integracyjny” in March.Even that we have more time to prepare for it ,you can feel ther pressure in the air.For now thats all from me , have a good day and catch you soon.
Bye bye bye ,butterfly !

Hello :D

Christmas time !!

2 months have passed since we started working and I think everyones favorite time is here ,its Christmas time.But ofcourse first we have Santa Claus visit and preparations of decorations. Working hard everyday with kids and mine favorite coworker Stephanie along side of guiding hand of the best teacher Magda.Slow but steady the kindergarten is starting to look like a fairy tale place with all hand made decorations. You can almost smell the warm atmosphere of Christmas that is coming. Thats all from me for now ,I will leave you to enjoy in pictures of Santa visit :)