I had the opportunity to come to another country (Poland) to EVS (European Volunteering Service) and working with children. This became a good opportunity in my life and it is really interesting be a volunteer! :-)


On the first day that I went to the kindergarten „Kindergarten No. 83” in Kraków, the reception for the volunteers were very welcoming

One of the first activities that I did was „give a second life to the garbage”, where we built a castle with different material, such as juice boxes, plastic bottles, cardboard, to showing to the children that we can create interesting things with materials that can be recycled!


Go to the garden with children becomes fun, because they enjoy playing and they ask me to join them in some games!



We also have visits outside the kindergarten… one of them we visited the salt mines of Bochnia. It was very interesting explore this place with the kids!



To St Andrzrjki day I made a big witch and I’ve painted on cardboard. The children made a presentation to the parents and they sang a portuguese song „Viseu” that i taught them



Christmas show at the cinema



Christmas time – happy children with gifts

I taught them a Christmas song „Pinheirinho” which they sang during the presentation for parents.

And on the last day (before Christmas break) we had a special lunch!


Snowing in Krakow

The first few days with snow in Krakow – was funny playing in the snow with the kids!


Grandparents day

I drew and painted grandparents. And the kids did a presentation.



Karnaval 2014 – was funny to see the kids with masks and I also had something that I made to dress for the occasion



Cleaning the garden



Earth Day






Presentation of my country – Portugal

I showed them interesting things about my country, like my hometown and other places, the food, tourist attractions, beaches, national parks …



Making an Easter egg



Dni Ziemi – Nowa Huta


On stage they sang two portuguese songs  „A, E, I, O, U – A Cantigas” and „O Planeta Limpo do Filipe Pinto – Ecoponto Azul, Amarelo, Verde e Vermelho” this song is from a friend of mine from Portugal, he is a singer!



Play and sing with children

I ask about numbers, colors, family, food … i taught them how to say in Portuguese, and it is amazing how they remember the words. They really like learn my language and sing the songs!



Ecological activities

the children learn how to separate the material to be recycled.
I also teach them what we can do with some material like a train, castel, cars using plastic, paper etc.



Show in the ice – it was beautiful!