My name?s Paula. I?m from Spain ( Salamanca). I obtained degree in Environment Sciences and my professional goal is become a Biology teacher.

Since October I?ve been working as an European Volunteer in the kindergarten nr 83.So far I ?ve tried to do my best working with the children; I teach them Spanish  lesson (number, colours..) In addition  they sang several Spanish song such as Los peces en el rio, La familia, sapo, Cumpleanhos feliz, etc.. Also I participate and help them in all activities and events that have been organized in the kindergarten. Although the language could have been a barrier (because when I arrived I didn?t know anything about polish language) in my case is a chance to communicate with the children in different ways, even they are my  polish teacher. Every day I arrive to the Kindergarten with a lot of energy to spend time with them, I consider  that I?m very lucky for working with my group Biedronki and  of course thanks Magda for all help that she give me every day.