Stephanie W.

Time goes by
Half of my time here is over now and it’s incredible, how much I still learn or find out about the kids, that I thought I would already know pretty well. It especially surprises me (according to my experiences with german kindergarten kids) to see that some of your children can already read and/or write. That is so so great! And so much fun to make use of these skills.
During the past month I brought my exercise book for learning polish to work.  Some of the children like to watch me or to contribute in my learning process by learning  vocabulary or doing little grammar exercises together with me. They like to read the words (what helps me sometimes with the correct pronunciation), to tackle the easy tasks in the book or to ask for different polish words in German,  comparing our languages. Sometimes we even have some short conversations and I understand more and more. It’s such a nice feeling and it really motivates me to learn the language to be able to interact more with them.
Apart from that, I teached (or better showed them) a german song called „Apfelbaum”. It makes me really happy that they like it so much and ask for it almost everyday.
Now we have winter holidays and nothing is happening here but after I come back from Germany and from my Midterm Training in Torun in the end of the month, I have many plans with the kids.
Stay tuned!




my name is Stephanie. I’m the german volunteer mainly working in the group ‚Skrzaty’. Mainly, because I also love spending time in other groups (too many nice children, I would like to work with all of them).

But what am I doing here?

Well, actually I just accompany your children through their day in Kindergarden.

Sometimes as a ‚teacher’ (learning them german words),

sometimes as a ‚student’ (learning polish words from your children),

sometimes I’m the one to listen to them (even if I often only understand half of their stories)

and sometimes I’m the one for big hugs.

But one for sure: I’m always here to support them. To help them being self-reliant, to learn from each other and to have a nice time together.