The first day I saw the kindergarten nr. 83 I have noticed a billboard, was written my name on it. I quickly realized that I would be been happy, I never got a welcome like this. I was a real surprise, the children welcomed me with dances and songs for the occasion. My Motylki were dressed with traditional clothes, they told me: ?Witamy Ula?.


The days pass quickly. I?m always busy, even the children! I have been with them to theveterinarian, post office, museum, at the factory Christmas balls, theater?I’m discovering Poland with them.


Children are intrigued by my presence, I’d love to be able to communicate with them but, unfortunately, my lack knowledge of the language will not let me. I have 25 small teachers but polish is too difficult!!!  They are much better with the Italian language: they know the colors, numbers, days of the week and the names of some animals, fruits, vegetables and some Italian traditions such as Befana?


?and I’m knowing some Polish traditions.


Every week I try to teach them something new or to create activities based on the theme of the week proposed by teachers. My Motylki, sing also in Italian!

In December, they have participated in a contest and to my great joy they have interpreted the Christmas song „tu scendi dale stelle” and for Grandparents Day they were singing and dancing „la canzone della felicit?.”


January was a very busy month, the kindergarten hosted an European seminar of volunteering. We have shown to people who have come our work and the work done by volunteers who have gone before. We organized some workshops, always showing care for the environment. In my class were built robots with cartons of fruit juices.


I want to do so many things before returning home…although I’d like to stay in Poland! I want to bring a little piece of Italy in this kindergarten. ?All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.? [Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince] The important thing is keep the curiosity of childhood to learn about other countries, other languages ??different from our own.